Frequently asked question

We will attempt to answer all your questions here.

1. How to begin cooperation as an individual or wholesale client with Trokos Inc.?
In order to start cooperation with Trokos Inc, it is enough to come to our headquarters in Gdów. It is also possible to call our client support department (number 012 251 43 70; internal 15) and ask about the possibilities of starting partnership. There is also possibility to contact us by our email:

2. What time can I call your client support department?
Our client support department is at your service seven days per week from 7o’clock am till 5o’clock pm

3. Where is it possible for your sales representatives to come?
Currently our sales representatives are able to come to companies and shops located in lesser Poland, Silesian and Subcarpatian Voivodeships

4. Is it possible to negotiate prices?
Yes, it is possible to negotiate prices but they depend on the amount of the order, length of the partnership and the mean of payment. They are also negotiated individually with each client.

5. What is the time of implementation of my order?
Every time when an order is submitted our employee contacts with the client and informs them about the approximate time needed to complete the order. We ensure our clients that we always care about the highest quality of your products and also about the shortest time of realization of the order.

6. Can I get an invoice for the products I purchase?
Yes, for each and every order an invoice is attached. It is drafted after all the products from your order are completed and ready to collect or to deliver.